Have you heard of Animal yoga, Musical yoga or dancing yoga?

These are some cute yoga poses for kids. As a mother of two kids, I know how difficult it is to make kids interested in something new. Here are few tips and few interesting types of “asnas”which you can try with your kids.

  1. Animal Pose-

Kids love animals and anything to do with animals. So, why not try animal yoga poses? You can try with them – Eagle pose, downward dog pose, cobra pose, cat pose, fish pose, and rabbit pose. These are few simpler animal poses  which kids can try.

animal yoga 3

2. Yoga and Singing

Many schools are teaching yoga to kids in a fun way. Kids love to dance and move with music. Music makes  the kids enjoy yoga even more. Yoga related songs and music is easily available which you can use for teaching your kids. Songs can help them remember yoga poses too.

music yoga



3. Family yoga time- 

Kids tend to follow their parents in everything. Why not plan a family yoga? I am sure kids would love to follow you and it is a good way to have fun as a family too.

family yoga

4. Alphabet yoga-

Kids can be asked to try make different alphabets with their body. They would love to take up the challenge and try different alphabet poses.

Letter-Sound-Yoga-Master-1 (2)


5. Story time and yoga-

Kids love stories and they all have their favourite stories. Parents can include yoga poses with stories and kids will not even come to know that they are working out while enjoying stories. For example, there are many words like spoon, sun, tree, dog, bear etc. in many kids stories. I am sure they would love to try different yoga poses.

ABC Calendar_Back Cover (2)

As they say, “one has to think like kids and be like kids to teach something to kids”. Try these with your kids and let me know your stories 🙂