Creative moms in the field of cooking and baking are featured here-

Monika Shrivastava – A baker who runs her own baking business called “BAKE ADDA” from her home. Creating beautiful cakes is an art and Monika does a great job at it. You can contact Monika on her Facebook page here. 

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City of residence – Bangalore

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Field – Baking

BakerRina – A home baker and also a caterer who runs her venture called Sweet tooth from her home. She left her corporate world and ventured into the world of baking and cooking to follow her passion. She is a self-learnt cook and baker which shows anything is possible if you have passion and dedication.

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City of residence – Bangalore

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Fields- Cooking and baking


Megha Bansal – A cook and baker

“Cooking is like a painting. Just as there are so many colors, there are so many flavors- its how you combine them that sets you apart.”
As a child, she often found herself watching cooking and baking shows on the television, and flipping through different cooking books too.

After marriage, making her husband’s favourite dishes and baking her daughter’s dearest cartoons’ cakes enabled her to impart love to them in a tangible form. Soon, with the support of her family,  she changed my passion into a profession. Working from home as a woman entrepreneur, baking, and theme-based catering form a central part of my profession today.

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City of residence – Bangalore

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Fields – Cooking and baking

Sonam Jain – A food artist and a food designer

She is a food artist who plates food very differently for kids. Many moms struggle to feed healthy daily food to their kids. She designs my plate in a way wear mom can get inspired and make food look creative. This will make kids love their food and indulge in self-feeding.

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Field – Food