Why to plan too much? Why to plan ahead always? Do you worry too much before going out or before starting something new?

Well, don’t! Don’t postpone your happiness!

I and my husband are not much planned people. We do not plan things beforehand unless it is real important.

Most of our family holiday trips are last minute plans. An unplanned trip gives a thrill, the uncertainty factor makes the experience worth trying. For us, most of our memorable trips are unplanned ones.

To have fun and experience different things in life one should be ready to shift course. Be open and ready to adapt to different possibilities in life. Sometimes the best experiences are the ones you never plan.


I have experienced that if you keep on planning for something, it never happens and on the other hand, it not only happens but you really enjoy it if you leave it and go with flow.  Few days back we had to pick up our elder daughter from a birthday party in a mall and she was not sure of the timings. Somebody asked us, “How can you just go unplanned like this to pick her up?” It made me think, “Why to plan for such a small thing?”

Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan! Here are few tips for anxious and over planned parents-

  1. Do not over plan a family trip– When kids are small, a planned trip makes sense as you need to carry lot of things for them. With a teen and a tween at house, we understand that one has to be ready to pick and drop them to different places like friend’s birthdays or school events. We cannot expect everything to be planned and perfect. As parents, one cannot expect preplanning of things beforehand.

  2. Do not be a stressed parent– If you are stressed about small things, your child is twice as likely to be one too. It’s no use stressing over small things in life. Go with the flow and things will fall in place.

3. Do not over react– It’s ok, if you forgot something at home, It’s ok, if your kids are not behaving as they should outside, Its ok, if your trip is not going as planned. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. Laugh at yourself! As parents, we are also learning new things every day.

 4. Do not expect perfection– How can you expect perfection in everything when planning things with kids? Leave them alone. Over planning and then expecting perfection in everything is not right.
5. Do not feel guilty Do not be hard on yourself. Don’t lose yourself in the process of parenting. Take out time for yourself. Go out with your partner alone for an unplanned coffee date or dinner date.
But if I say that “there should be no planning and one should just enjoy present moments” would be hypocrisy. If it’s my daughter’s exam time and I don’t plan accordingly, it is not right! In fact, proper planning is one of the qualities of successful people.

So moral of the story is that planning for future is important but, that planning should not leave you feeling unhappy in the present. Give it a try, it’s worth it!


As they say, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.