Recently I attended an interesting event by MPOC (Malaysian palm oil council) and got insights into how palm oil is no different from other oils. The event was organised by MPOC at Vivanta by Taj Bangalore. The source of the advice plays a very important role. That’s why MPOC arranged this meet to spread awareness and I am sharing with you all the information gained from the event.


Speaking at the event were Ms. Bhawna shah who is country representative of Malaysia and Srilanka for MPOC and Dr. Meena Mehta, a renowned nutritionist from Mumbai. Along with them, there were many bloggers and food experts who attended the event.




Bhawna told us many facts which people are not aware of. Lot of research is going on about Palm oil by NIN too and India is the largest importer of palm oil. In fact, it is the highest consumed oil in the world. It is used in many processed foods as it is odour less and has a long shelf life.


Red Palm Oil- Available as cooking oil and no hydrogenation is done for this one. It has more carotenes and E tocotrienols than others.

Palm Oil- It is semi-solid fruit fat and is used in various food formulations.

Palm Olein- It is liquid fruit oil and high in monounsaturated oleic acid.

Palm Stearin- A solid fat from palm fruit oil and is used in food formulations.


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Sometimes people have an attachment with particular type of oil and they don’t want to change that. For example, mustard oil. Mustard oil, in some cultures for that matter, was used by their parents and now they are also using it.

And sometimes, we just follow what others are advocating without understanding the facts. Advice is one thing that’s available in abundance. How do we know what’s the correct advice?

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Health benefits and Nutritional facts

Later on, DR. Meena Mehta told us about health benefits and nutritional facts of palm oil. According to her, people blame oil for all the health related problems but only oil cannot do anything until and unless you are consuming it in relay high quantities. It is all about the lifestyle and the balance between healthy eating and physical activity.

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In the end a video was shown on cultivation and production of Palm oil in Malaysia. Malaysia is the biggest producer of Palm oil which has not only many health benefits but also is providing livelihood to many in Malaysia.

The bloggers meet ended with some awesome food by Vivanta by Taj, some discussions and some questions.


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It is a sponsored post written for MPOC and facts and figures are all from the event attended.