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The Story Of Palm Oil

Recently I attended an interesting event by MPOC (Malaysian palm oil council) and got insights into how palm oil is no different from other oils. The event was organised by MPOC at Vivanta by Taj Bangalore. The source of the… Continue Reading →

5 Factors Causing Weight Gain

Weight gain can be due to many different reasons. It is not only due to over eating or lack of exercise. Sometimes it can be due to hormonal imbalance, side effects of some pills, or some disorder. Whether it’s hormonal,… Continue Reading →

10 Myths About Food Busted- #WorldFoodDay

I studied about Food and Nutrition throughout my college life and went on to do Masters and M.Phil. too as it’s my favourite subject. There are many myths around food and just wanted to mention few which we hear very… Continue Reading →

Don’t Lose Health While Losing Weight!

Weight loss is not an easy process and it takes lot of patience, time and energy. It is very important to remember certain nutrients while losing weight. There are few essential nutrients which our body needs and cannot be ignored…. Continue Reading →

5 Nutrition Queries And Solutions For Kids!

Mothers are always worried about one or the other thing about their child’s nutrition. They are panicking more than ever about feeding their children the right food as they feel confused by all the unwanted advice. Here is a list of… Continue Reading →

Are You Angry Or Hungry?

Do you snap at somebody when you are hungry or lose patience before getting anything to eat, there are chances you are a hangry person. 🙂 Angry person + Hungry person = Hangry person But where does ‘hanger‘ come from?… Continue Reading →

5 New Superfoods In The Market!

Are you looking for new healthy food items to add to your list? Don’t look any further as here is a list of few superfoods which are new and people are trying them to see the benefits. There are chances… Continue Reading →

Food or exercise or both?

You must have read many stories of weight loss and wondered, “How they did it?” Actually, Nutrition and exercise, both are important for your well-being. For example, If one is doing too much muscular exercise, they should have good amount… Continue Reading →

Do You Know Your Calories?

These days’ people have become conscious of weight, looks, and overall health. On one hand, it is good but on the other hand, it will not help you if you are not aware of the right keywords and terminology. Some… Continue Reading →

7 Popular And Iconic Eatries Of Bangalore!

Bangalore is famous for lot of things like awesome weather, clean air and safe environment. But most of all, it is a foodie paradise too as it has many famous restaurants from all around the world. I am going to… Continue Reading →

Back To School Nutrition Tips

Its back to school time for kids and again we mothers are worried about what to give our kids in school. Food is usually on the top of the list when thinking of going back to school. What will my… Continue Reading →

Are You An Emotional Eater?

      Emotional eating is eating to feel better, not to fill your stomach. Emotional eating can lead to overeating as you will eat as you are feeling low and not because you are hungry. Everyone eats emotionally from time… Continue Reading →

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