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How can any mom forget that day?

How can any mom forget that day? When we came to know you were on the way. It was a moment of joy and delight, As we were ready to welcome you in our lives. There was an excitement and… Continue Reading →

First Movie Memories #TadkaTuesday

“The moments may have ended but memories last forever” Today I am taking you all down a memory lane with all my first movies at different stages of life. My parents were both movie buffs and they used to watch… Continue Reading →

वो बचपन की दिवाली!

वो हवा में कुछ दिवाली की पहली महक, वो पूरा संमा जो याद दिलाता था दिवाली की, वो ढेर से पटाखे खरीदके रोज़ कुछ बजाना, वो भर पेट मिठाई खाना और थक के सो जाना, दीये और मोम्बतियों से घर… Continue Reading →

Memories Are flashbacks Of The Past!

A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories are priceless. Sometimes we see people who remind us of our loved ones and it makes us sad, sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes it make us thankful towards… Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Chai!

It was my first trip to USA with my husband after marriage. I was nervous, excited, and curious regarding new country. Our flight was delayed and we reached quite late. One of my husband’s office colleague was waiting for us. Once we… Continue Reading →

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