July 2016

Coorg- A beautiful place!

Coorg is a district and a small hill station in the state of Karnataka. It is on the slopes of western ghats and is also called ” Kodagu”. It is a beautiful place with coffee and many different spice plantations…. Continue Reading →

Going Back To Childhood!

“We spend our whole childhood, wanting to grow up faster but we spend our whole adult life, wanting to go back to the simplicity of being a kid again.” As kids, we always want to grow up. We always want… Continue Reading →

Writing and me!

I write to give wings to my thoughts, I write to feel happy and light, I write to jot down the thoughts of the moment, I write as I know my ideas won’t stay for long, I write to capture… Continue Reading →

A Day Dedicated To Parents

If I have to dedicate one day to somebody, it would be somebody who I admire the most and who was the most influential in making a person who I am today – My parents. Nothing can be compared to love… Continue Reading →

Sultan- 7 lessons learnt

This movie is a typical Salman movie. Sultan or king whatever we call it, there is something to look forward to in this movie. Salman is a wrestler in the movie and is shown as a middle-aged man who remembers his past… Continue Reading →