Mango mousse recipe
Recipe type: Dessert
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Mango mousse is a gluten-free dessert and something which can be made in a jiffy. Planning on going gluten free? Try this yummy and easy recipe.
  • Mangoes – 3 peeled, cut and pureed
  • Whipped Cream - 1 small Amul cream packet (200ml)
  • Sugar – 2-3 tbsp/according to taste
  • Half mango chopped for topping.
  1. First of all, whip cream nicely either with a hand blender or electric blender. (make sure it's chilled or it will curdle)
  2. Now blend mangoes and sugar together in a blender.
  3. Now nicely fold this mango puree into cream till it's mixed properly.
  4. Serve chilled. Top it up with fresh cut mangoes.
The amount of sugar depends on the type of mangoes you are using. Increase or decrease sugar quantity on the basis of mangoes sweetness.
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