Instant Pickle Recipe - Green chilli and ginger pickle
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
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This pickle is easy to make, simple, yummy and free of any harmful preservatives.
  • Green chilli – 100 gms
  • Ginger – 50 gms
  • Lemon – 1-2
  • Salt – According to taste
  • Jar to store pickle
  1. Wash and slit green chillies into two from the center.
  2. Peel wash and cut ginger into thin slices.
  3. Take a pickle jar and add both in the jar.
  4. Now add salt according to taste and squeeze 1 lemon. You can increase lemon quantity depending on how sour you want it.
  5. Close the lid and shake it nicely.
  6. Keep it aside at a cool place for at least 12 hours before using it.
  7. Enjoy it with any meal.
You can even add garlic and lemon to the same recipe. Also, add little oil and vinegar with fresh spices for longer shelf life.
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