I started writing gratitude posts two months back and it feels great to write down all the things I am thankful for. Being thankful can make you happy, positive and healthy.

When something bad things happen to us, our first reaction is not to be happy. I don’t remember being grateful or thankful when I’m hurt by a good friend, or when I fight with a loved one or when my work has a problem. I like many others feel like saying, “Why is this happening, when God really loves me?”

But when I look all around and see so many ways in which God has blessed me, I feel really thankful. So, if we pay more attention to blessings than our problems, we can be really happy.

  • Being featured– This month started with a high as my post got featured in Blogadda, Tangy Tuesday posts. And best part of getting featured was that I shared this space with my friend MayuriToday I am thankful of getting featured.
  • Meeting blogger friends– Met some blogger friends and I was surprised to see that like online we just clicked with each other offline too. It is so great to instantly have tons to talk about and be on the same wave length. Today I am thankful for good blogger friends.
  • Events– I attended my first blogging event few days back and it was great meeting all the bloggers face to face. This month was like an event attending month for me and I got to learn many new things too. Today I am thankful for getting opportunities to attend events.
  • Sports– I started playing throw ball with bunch of ladies and I am feeling good as it reminds me of my school days. I was in school throw ball team and played lot of interschool matches too. Today I am thankful for getting a chance to play again.

Looking forward to leaning into being more and more grateful and thankful. What are you grateful for today?

I also wish Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and friends. May you all get many more reasons to be thankful for and stay happy and healthy.


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