Krupa or Krupalatha Martin Dass won the title Mrs Inter-Nations USA 2018-2019.  She was also a runner up as classic Mrs. inter- nations at Singapore. We recently got an opportunity to chat with her about her win, work and dream. Let’s get to know Krupa –

Krupa – Mrs Inter-nations USA and Classic Mrs Inter-nations runner up


What is your background?

Currently, I am a social entrepreneur founder and Executive Trustee of the non-profit SUKRUPA serving the underprivileged community especially girls and women in the areas of education and entrepreneurship.

As a teenager, I was sad to see poverty, girls not having equal opportunities and teenagers dropping out of school. I promised to change that someday. After my college I became an entrepreneur in the granite industry, that gave me chance to travel internationally and live in the US.  However, I realized the purpose of my life was my teenage promise. My faith in education leading to empowerment, social, economic, cultural and gender equality gave birth to SUKRUPA. On my vacation to Bangalore in 2002, I set up SUKRUPA along with my mother. As a compassionate person, I am persistent to pursue my passion and follow my dream.

How did this idea of Contesting for Mrs Internations Pageant come to you? What was the main reason that motivated you?

A friend of mine from UK Bhavani Rakesh, who has won United Nations Pageant, proposed my name to the Mrs Inter-Nations contest, she is aware of the work I do with the kids and women and success we have achieved in the lives of first-generation learners helping them finish primary education and move to some of the best colleges in the city to complete graduation. I wanted more and more people to join hands in creating a better future for our first generation learners. I thought Mrs Inter – Nations Pageant would be a great platform to promote SUKRUPA my passion.

Share the experience of winning the crown and what all you learnt from this competition?

Something that I strongly felt was how important giving the best is compared to winning or not winning. I felt happy that I gave my best. There were thirty-three contestants in all, everyone helped each other.  Every minute during those four days, I used to feel I was not meant for it or the pageant was not meant for people like me. I am so busy with my work with SUKRUPA, struggling to raise funds, figuring out a million ways to make it self-sustainable and make sure all the reports are sent on time.

Also, all our other programs, SuKallp for teenagers,  SuMargadarshak for college students and SuJanavikas for Women Empowerment, is so very different from everything I was doing. So, I genuinely felt like a misfit while spending time being fashionable and stylish. Especially being dark and not as tall, everything added to the factor. However, the fact that I was shortlisted as a finalist, I wanted to give my best.

I worked long hours sleeping three to four hours as I was working at SUKRUPA and had pageant preparation. My husband Ram was very cooperative although it was not easy the entire month. Everyone around me gave me motivation to give my best.

How has being Mrs Inter-Nations USA and Classic Mrs Inter-Nations changed your life? 

I won two titles Mrs Inter-Nations USA 2018-2019 and Classic Mrs Inter-Nations 2018-2019. Having won two titles in Mrs Inter-Nations Pageant 2018-19 for globally empowered women has made me feel more confident.

Slowly SUKRUPA is getting some publicity through my winning as I am able to promote on FB and LinkedIn, got an Instagram account and have a dot com to my name  All of this would help me create more visibility for the work I do with children and women.

Being dark skinned, and short only 5.2’ was not a great deal at the pageant, things are changing slowly. My skin colour is apparently most sought after in the modelling world these days. Although I am not that tall, I always feel tall and walk tall that is the confidence I have built in myself and grew up with. Never giving up and overcoming hurdles is my second nature.

As a founder and trustee of SUKRUPA, you are doing great work. Can you tell our readers something more about it?

SUKRUPA has been highly successful in creating opportunities for first-generation learners. Today over 500 children are getting a good education through various programs we run. Academics, creativity and sports are an integral part of schooling.

I believe Education is the magic that brings empowerment and equality socially, economically and culturally and above all equality in gender.  Every educated individual can create that magic in the life of a child who does not have the means to make their dreams come true. Education is a basic need that each individual should have access to. This is one initiative that is very close to my heart and I will continue to touch as many lives as possible through our initiatives at SUKRUPA”

“Every child who is born in this world deserves better life”

To what do you attribute your success?

I am highly passionate in all that I do, live by principles of honesty, integrity, handwork, humility, gratitude, and giving. I am persistent with my passion. Never Give Up, not afraid to stretch a little more and go the extra mile. Practicing them every day has made me a better person.

Most important tip for other women entrepreneurs.

Being born as a woman is the greatest gift because women are tolerant, loving, compassionate, strong and born givers. Each one has to stand up for what they believe in and that is how we all could contribute towards making this world a better place.

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Teenagers are our future. I would like to commit the next few years to connect as many teenagers globally to share friendship as I believe we are all one. No colour, race, religion, or border can divide us when we collaborate we live better. I want to make SUKRUPA self-sustainable and I want to focus on teenagers and women empowerment.

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