Are less painful vaccines better than normal ones? What are the pros and cons of less painful vaccines? Is it ok to go for less painful vaccines for my child? Are they as effective as the regular vaccines?

These are a few questions which I asked my doctor when I went for the vaccinations for my daughters some time back. I had my own concerns about the vaccines like any other mom.

Are you also concerned that a less painful vaccine will not “work” the same way? I was too until I learnt the truth from my doctor. I am glad that my daughter’s paediatrician helped me to understand the truth behind the vaccines. As a parent, it’s not easy to see the child crying with pain after every vaccination injection. That’s why when I came to know about the less painful vaccines, I got curious and wanted to know more about them. I am sharing what I learnt from my doctor.

What are less painful vaccines?

It is given as a combination vaccine which is called DaPT (Diphtheria, acellular Pertussis and Tetanus.) This vaccine causes lesser pain and swelling in comparison with DTwP Vaccine when it is injected. This vaccine along with being less painful is as effective as the regular painful vaccines such as the DPT vaccine.

They are acellular vaccines that contain a fewer number of antigens than present in a whole-shot vaccine. The route of administration of a less painful vaccine is needle-based and it is given using an injection itself. (1)

Are these vaccines as effective as painful vaccines?

Yes, the less painful vaccines are as effective as normal painful vaccines. It is a myth that less painful vaccines are not as effective. This was one of the main questions which I wanted to ask my doctor and glad she explained it well.

What are their benefits?

The best benefit of these vaccines is that it has fewer side effects comparatively. Also, they don’t cause as much pain, fever and irritability in kids as regular vaccines. Also, less painful vaccination ensures improved safety not only for the one getting it but also for the one giving it as it comes in prefilled syringe. In fact, it is good for the whole community and there will be improved compliance with immunization schedules. It can surely reduce anxiety and pain related to the injection. (2)

What is the difference between both?

Apart from the benefits, the major difference is the cost. Less painful vaccines are a little expensive than regular vaccines. But if you look at the benefits of the vaccine in comparison to the regular one, it is a better option to go for. Of course, check with your paediatrician to make the right decision.

As a mom of two kids, I have realised one thing in the last few years. You have to trust our doctors as they are aware of simple things and advancements that make a big difference. But sometimes, you as a parent have to push and check too. If you come to know about any new technique, do check with your doctor.

My daughters have got less painful vaccines and if you have any concerns, do make a call a few days before your appointment, to ask about pain-free vaccines. I believe, being a parent, making the right choice for your child is important for the best results.

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