There is nothing more important than health. Good nutrition and an active life play important roles in staying healthy, but sometimes you have to be careful about other things too. As a mom, I know the importance of good nutrition, physical and mental health of my kids. Along with all this, I make sure that I vaccinate my kids timely.

There are many things you cannot protect your children from, so taking every safe and healthy way to protect them is crucial. Vaccination is one of the best ways to protect them from deadly diseases. By vaccinating my kids, I know they will be safe and healthy.

As a parent, I cannot imagine taking a risk related to the health of my child by not providing them with something which would have been like a barrier to keep her safe. Vaccinations are barriers that keep kids safe from deadly diseases.

A vaccine is a dead, or weakened version, or part of the germ that causes the disease in question. When children are exposed to a disease in vaccine form, their immune system, which is the body’s germ-fighting machine, is able to build up antibodies that protect them from contracting the disease if and when they are exposed to the actual disease. (2)

Here are some of the main reasons I vaccinate my kids –

  1. Vaccinations can protect them from harmful diseases and keep them healthy and safe. My thought as a mom is ‘Why would I want to take  a chance if a few seconds spent in vaccinating them can protect them?’
  2. Vaccination is not only important to keep your kids safe but it’s a great way to keep your community safe and healthy.
  3. I also chose to go for it as I trust my child’s paediatrician. A doctor won’t prescribe anything which is not required. So, make sure you discuss properly with your child’s pediatrician before taking vaccinations. They will explain why a particular vaccination is important and safe.
  4. Many times, there is an outbreak of diseases when parents don’t vaccinate their kids. By doing so you are not only putting your child’s life in danger but also others. (1)
  5. Vaccination is a process of taking a vaccine and immunising it against deadly diseases. It is important to understand what vaccines are and I have discussed it with my pediatrician in detail. If you are confused about it, do consult your doctor to understand it better.
  6. Vaccines are safe and some vaccines may cause mild reactions, such as soreness at the injections site, or sometimes fever. But serious reactions are rare. The main thing is that the risks of vaccinations are nothing compared to the health risks of the contagious diseases they prevent us from.

As parents, it’s your duty to protect your kids and family. I know that some parents hesitate to vaccinate their children but by vaccinating them, you will be always assured of their safety. Thankfully, we live in a time where this is possible. All children deserve the gift of wellness. Why wait for something to happen before giving them this gift?

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