Questions- Do you Encourage your Kids to ask Questions? #AtoZchallenge

My tween is a curious child and asks a lot of questions. Some of them I can answer easily and some of them just don’t make any sense. I am sometimes clueless about many things which she asks and it… Continue Reading →


Poles Apart- Why are Siblings different? #AtoZchallenge

P for Poles apart  Both my daughters are poles apart. Now the mystery is how can two siblings be so different from each other? I think Influence of people, environment, and their choices all play a role when they are… Continue Reading →


10 Different Types Of Kids

You must be thinking- different kids? Kids are kids! What do you mean by different types of kids? Well, I have observed them while working with them in my holiday camps and classes.  So, here is the list and find it for… Continue Reading →