This is a list of experts in the different fields of education. If you want to ask a question or contact any of our experts, write to us at

Montessori education expert-

Stuti Mehrotra. She is a passionate educationist who has a rich experience of working with kids. She has been a teacher, trainer and an educator before being an entrepreneur and running her own preschool called Linden Montessori in Bengaluru.

Stuti highly believes in the Montessori Philosophy of believing greatly in children and allowing them to make their own choices and take certain risks within limits to help them in achieving their real potential as being over-protective with children makes them lose out on a number of learning opportunities. She is founder and director of Linden Montessori.

Homeschooling expert –

Venkatalakshmi, an economics graduate with an MBA in project management and a Diploma in Interior Design is the driving force behind her firm “Golden section”. She started her career with Thofah-The Eco Store, a pioneer in retailing eco-friendly products in 1999. From retailing recyclable gifts, she moved onto customising furniture & to execute complete interior projects.
She is also the founder of Beyond books, a reading club & Homeschoolers’Guild (a community of Homeschooling families) in Chennai

Extracurricular expert (Storytelling, voice and life skills etc.) –

Voice artistShilpi Das Chauhan – A Voice Artist, a Training Facilitator, an NLP Trainer, a Life coach, a Writer, an All India Radio presenter and a vibrant personality who loves smiling, Shilpi is full of exuberance. She believes that it is of paramount importance to nurture one’s creative abilities to keep the child within alive.

Homeschooling & Early education expert –

Sandhya Viswan – A passionate educator and a veritable treasure house of information on the Indian education system, Sandhya Viswan has a multifaceted understanding of schools in India. She is part of the team that runs Bangalore Schools, an online community with 37,000+ parents interested in school education in Bangalore. Sandhya is trained in Montessori and has extensive teaching and administrative experience in early childhood education. Her other areas of experience in education include homeschooling, student mentorship and pluralising student learning across all kinds of classrooms. In 2018, she received the Social Excellence Award recognising her support in the homeschooling community.
She now runs her own pre-school – Mudpie Preschool and Daycare at Banaswadi, Bangalore.

Overall development expert –

Dr. Debmita Dutta, MBBS & MD, is a practicing doctor, Parenting consultant and founder of the website: – a website that provides simple and easy to understand solutions to everyday parenting problems. She conducts Parenting workshops for schools and corporate organizations. Dr. Dutta believes that good parenting comes from being well informed about our children and our evolving role as parents. Some of the schools she has conducted workshops at are The St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School (European), The Bishop Cottons Boy’s High School, The Trio World School, and many others.
Some of the preschools she has conducted workshops at are The Eurokids preschools chain and The Vivero International Preschool and Daycare among others.