You must be thinking-Β different kids? Kids are kids! What do you mean byΒ different types of kids?

Well, I have observed them while working with them in my holiday camps and classes. Β So, here is the list and find it for yourself πŸ™‚ –

  1. Most obedient kid- This kid is the best as he will listen to whatever you say and will do whatever you ask him to do. These are my favorite. πŸ˜‰Β different types of kids
  2. I know it all kid- This kid is always ready to answer all the questions which not only you ask but also the questions other kids ask. You actually need to warn him not to answer anything and just raise your hand if you know the answer.Β girl-1641214_1920
  3. Chatterbox kid- This kid will be talking nonstop in the class and sometimes it’s cute but sometimes, it can be annoying. Even after multiple warnings, these kids cannot stop talking.boy with confused expression hands out clipart
  4. Loud kid– This kid screams at the top of his voice and you might feel as if you need some earplugs in the class when he is around.Child crying
  5. Always hungry kid– This kid keeps on asking after every few minutes about the lunch break or snack break. These kids’ parents need a reminder to feed them a nice breakfast before sending them. types of kids
  6. The lazy kid– These kids don’t want to do anything and need all the help in doing any activity. These are actually the opposite of ‘I know it all kid” who is very confident that he knows everything and does not need any teacher to help him. types of kids
  7. The cute and quiet kid– These kids are so cute that you want to adopt them. They come to class with a big smile, give a hug to you and that sweet smile stays intact throughout the day. The only problem is when they don’t speak a word. These are opposites of the chatterbox kids.Β ballerina-1297813_1280
  8. Not interested kid– These kids are permanently sad in the class as if their parents have pushed them to go to the camp. They will not show any interest in any activity going on in the class. “Not interested” is clearly written on their faces. Not my favorite. πŸ™ Β Β coolclips__wb030672
  9. Mom and me kids – These kids don’t want to leave their moms when they come to drop them at camp. Every day their moms will accompany them for some time as they will create full drama which can disturb the full class.Β cartoon-1082003_1280
  10. Restless kid– This kid is not interested in sitting in one place and will be running around and disturbing all other classes too. He is more interested in what others are doing than his own work. You need one teacher just to make him sit in one place.Β coolclips__wb023710These are a few from my experience from all the camps. Do you know any other category? Do let me know in the comments below about different types of kids. πŸ™‚