Freedom is right to do something we love,                                                                              

It  is right to say anything we want,

Freedom is right to unfollow everything above us,

It is right to follow our dreams.

Freedom is to go on a path less taken, path less known,

A path of new hope, a path of new dreams.

Are we free? Are we independent?

Let’s break free from the grip of poverty, from the discrimination,

From the clutches of corruption, from the racism,

From the evil hands of child labour, illiteracy, and starvation.

Let’s break free from the hands of hatred, and confinement.

From the narrow-mindedness and superstition,

And from all those issues that surround us and our country.

Let’s hope for a country wherein each new day,

We have ability to dream, power to love,

A choice to create and freedom to fly.

That’s my vision of a beautiful future,

a beautiful country with beautiful people.

We all wish for a beautiful and perfect country but there is nothing as perfect. Although we love our country, there are few things in which we all need improvement. So, instead of just finding faults and name calling, why not appreciate the efforts of fellow countrymen?

I know its easier said than done, but we can make our country beautiful yet again. I have a dream of a beautiful country where everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want to do. A dream to at least teach our younger generation to be empathetic and strong. They are the ones who can make our country beautiful again. What is your dream for your country? Do you think we can do it together?

I surely think we can and we will.

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