Gloomy weather? Raining heavily? Boredom? Can’t step out? Can’t go out to play with buddies?

As a mom you are confused on how to keep your kids entertained and help them enjoy rains?

Here are few ways to enjoy rains and monsoon season inside the house and outside too.

OUTSIDE FUN- If it’s raining, you don’t have to be stuck inside. I remember that we used to jump around in the puddles, play with sand, used to dance in the rain and get soaking wet. Let’s allow our kids to make some memories too-

  1. Make paper boats in the rain water- Remember, we used to do it a lot in rains, so, why not let our kids enjoy it too.
  2. Splash around– Splashing in the puddles is so much fun. Let your kids enjoy splashing water on each other.
  3. Jump in puddles– Kids can enjoy jumping in puddles a lot as they will get to see water patterns formed in water.
  4. Walk around the neighbourhood – My younger one loves walking around in rains with her favourite umbrella. Let them open their umbrellas and go out and take a walk in the rain.
  5. Blow bubbles– My kids used to enjoy this a lot. It is so much fun blowing bubbles and then watching them pop in the rain.

INSIDE THE HOUSE- There are many ways to keep them engaged inside the house too.Try some of these-

  1. Non heat cooking– Kids can make different snack items by using colourful fruits and vegetables. Let them experiment on their own and create something.
  2. Camping– What if we can’t go outside? Let’s do camping inside. 🙂 Let them try indoor camping if you don’t want them to go outside.
  3. Treasure hunt- Keep the kids busy by organising a small treasure hunt inside and around the house.
  4. Collect the raindrops– Keep a big jar in the window or in the balcony of your house and watch raindrops collecting in it.
  5. Get creative- There are lot of fun craft ideas to do with your kids when its raining outside. Try making a colorful rainbow, small paper boats, raindrops out of cotton and paper etc.

“The mud will wash off but the memories will last a lifetime.” Let your kids make some memories, do not stop them from exploring.