5 Parenting Tips by an Aunt

On my last trip home, I indulged in the most decadent 7-course meal. It had dishes that were perfectly cooked and served. I am talking about an imaginary meal that was ‘cooked up’ by my 3-year-old twin nieces for me…. Continue Reading →


5 lessons I learned as a mom

Motherhood- All love begins and ends here. – Robert Browning. Motherhood teaches us many new things every day. It makes you a whole new individual and it’s like exploring yourself again. I am a mommy of a teen and a… Continue Reading →


5 Things To Teach Your Kids About Bullying

Bullied by peers, 14-year-old jumps from 10th floor Bengaluru: A 14-year-old student who police suspect was bullied by his peers jumped off the 10th floor of his apartment complex in JP Nagar. Raunak Banerjee, a class 9 student at Baldwin Boys’ High… Continue Reading →


5 Important Things To Teach Kids before exam time

A 13-year-old girl student of a school has gone missing since Wednesday morning. A few days back, Bangalore woke up to the news of a teenager missing and several messages followed on WhatsApp and Facebook after that. For the next… Continue Reading →