A 13-year-old girl student of a school has gone missing since Wednesday morning.

A few days back, Bangalore woke up to the news of a teenager missing and several messages followed on WhatsApp and Facebook after that. For the next two days, her parents were clueless and strangers were also trying to help them by forwarding the messages to friends and family members.

This incident again made me think about flaws in our education system and about the way some parents put pressure on their kids. This is not the first incident related to the pressure of studies. Every day, we read in newspapers that kids commit suicide or run away from their homes due to the pressure of studies. It breaks my heart to see kids going through this kind of pressure.

But, on the other hand, what that girl did was also not right and justified. We need to teach our kids to –

  1. Be strong– As nobody knows what future holds for us, so, we should be prepared to face anything in life.
  2. Do not run– Running away from tough situations is not the answer. (I can’t even imagine what Poojitha’s mom must have gone through when she was missing).
  3. Stay calm– Whatever the situation stay relaxed and calm. Everything has a solution.
  4. Talk to your parents– It is very important to share everything with your parents or teachers. If there is anything which is bothering you, talk to your parents.
  5. Face fears– Teach them to face any kind of fear. It can be a fear of failure as we as parents set high expectations. Tell them that it’s ok to fail. Trying is more important and winning is not everything in life.

Parents want kids to succeed and do well but they should not get overly involved. When they get overly involved and pressurise their kids they lose sight of the negative impact it can have on their child.

I think it’s important for kids to understand the difference between right and wrong but it is also important for parents to understand them and guide them in the right direction.


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Image courtesy- Pixabay