Motherhood- All love begins and ends here. – Robert Browning. Motherhood teaches us many new things every day. It makes you a whole new individual and it’s like exploring yourself again. I am a mommy of a teen and a tween. I realised that motherhood teaches something new with every phase. Having a baby changes your life but having a teen also changes it. Every phase has its own challenges. I am sharing the lessons I learned as a mom.

Every day is a new learning with both my girls.

  • Stay calm and positive. I used to get panicked very easily. Even a small issue related to my girls used to make me stressed and panicky.  But I realised as a parent if you panic, your child gets restless and panics too.  I can say, I learned to stay calm as a mother. Motherhood taught me to be positive and smile.
  • Strength – Motherhood teaches us how strong we are. Carrying a child for 9 months and giving birth is our biggest strength. Another strength is – Our love for our kids. I never knew that we can love somebody like this until I had my girls. Motherhood also teaches us to be strong.
  • Role model- Being a mommy, you are a role model for your kids. I realised that they look up to you for everything. I learned a lesson (little late) – kids follow all our footsteps, so, it’s important to be a good role model for them.
  • Expect the unexpected. I realised one thing from motherhood- There will be good days and there will be not so good days. Some days you will feel everything is like a breeze and the next day it will be like a hurricane. Be prepared for anything in life. 🙂
  • Nothing is small- There are so many things which we don’t see as important.  But for our kids, those small things matter a lot. For example, a small hug or a kiss make our sad kids really happy and of course, we also like it when they give us a hug or kiss us. So, small things in life also matter a lot.

I believe that I am still work in progress and still learning every day. It is an on-going process.

These are my lessons I learned as a mom.

As a mom, what are the life lessons you learned?