3 Things to follow to stay Healthy

My family has seen a lot of ups and downs in terms of our own and our loved one’s health in last few years. We have learnt it a hard way that happiness is proportionally equivalent to health. You cannot… Continue Reading →

Beginning today and going forward!

Beginning today and going forward, I decide not to look back anymore from now onwards. Life can be hard with lots of ups and downs, I decide not to get upset anymore from now onwards. Beginning today and going forward,… Continue Reading →

5 Things That Make Me Happy and loved.

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai lama. This is so true. Here is a list of things that make me happy. If we look around there are many things that make us happy… Continue Reading →

Happy Mom For a Happy Family

Over the years, I have realized that happiness is not the amount of money we have or the luxuries in our life but the people with whom we make wonderful memories. If I look back now, I can think of… Continue Reading →

An evening before her birthday!

  It was an evening before Arti’s birthday and she was not feeling too good. Sometimes she would get all kinds of negative thoughts and would feel upset the whole day. She just had a cup of tea when Abhay… Continue Reading →

5 Ways By Which Kids Teach Us To Be Happy

Kids can be messy, dirty, throwing tantrums all around but surely we will not trade them for anything in this world. A little hug or a small kiss can melt your heart easily and they can teach us many things… Continue Reading →