It was an evening before Arti’s birthday and she was not feeling too good. Sometimes she would get all kinds of negative thoughts and would feel upset the whole day.

She just had a cup of tea when Abhay walked in and asked her to get ready. He wanted to take her for birthday shopping. Arti didn’t want to go but agreed when Abhay insisted and told her that she might feel better if she steps out.

He took her to Marks and Spencer’s and told her to get a beautiful dress for herself. All of a sudden after five minutes, Abhay remembered to make a call, and, stepped out of the store announcing, “Let me make a call. Will be back, you select a dress.”

Arti went around the store for ten minutes but couldn’t decide on anything. She selected few and asked the storekeeper to keep them aside. Exactly after ten minutes, Abhay came back and they bought some dresses and came back.

At midnight, she saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers just next to her bed on a side table with a cake. Arti loves flowers and they always cheer her up, no matter what.  Flowers were from Abhay and she was surprised as Abhay was with her the whole evening. She asked him surprisingly, “When did you go out to buy flowers?”

“When you were shopping for the dress.” Said Abhay with a wink.

Immediately Arti said, “But there is no flower shop in that mall.”

“I ran quickly to the shop opposite the mall to get flowers for you,” Abhay told. “Wow! That was quick.” Arti chuckled like a small girl looking at the flowers like a small girl.

Abhay once more made her feel special like always by getting her flowers. He knows that flowers can get that smile back on his wife’s face.

It’s my birthday or our anniversary,

Sometimes without any reason and as a surprise,

He gets me flowers and that makes me happy.

Even if he is busy the whole day,

And gets no time to go out and buy,

He gets me flowers and that makes me happy.

He knows how much I love flowers,

And makes sure to get them for me,

He gets me flowers and that makes me happy.

Do I know Arti and Abhay? What do you think? 😉




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