Kids can be messy, dirty, throwing tantrums all around but surely we will not trade them for anything in this world. A little hug or a small kiss can melt your heart easily and they can teach us many things about happiness.

  1. Do not fret– Kids do not spend their time fretting. They get upset over a broken toy or when they are not able to find their favourite game. The good news is they do not fret for a long time.
  2. Dance like nobody’s watching– Kids do not care if anybody is watching them or judging them. They teach us to enjoy the moment and live in the moment. We sometimes care too much about what others say or think. But our kids teach us this lesson to be carefree.  
  3. Believe– Kids believe that a mom’s kiss will heal all the hurts or boo-boos, superheroes can help them in the time of crisis. They remind us to believe in the magic of small things which we often take for granted.
  4. Finding joy – Kids enjoy each and every moment and they get excited about small things. They teach us to stop and smell the roses whenever we can. Small things matter too and we should celebrate every small thing. 
  5. Do not over think– Kids fight with their friends and become friends again too. They do not spend time thinking about what happened. They teach us not to over think and go with the flow.

Sometimes, in the process of growing up, we forget how to laugh, have fun and enjoy life. It is important that we do not let the child in us die and celebrate even the small moments in life. We can learn a lot from our kids. Small lessons of love, care, laughter, joy, and enjoyment.

It’s easier said than done but let’s all try to be little more happy, creative, joyful, carefree today. 🙂

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”