My family has seen a lot of ups and downs in terms of our own and our loved one’s health in last few years. We have learnt it a hard way that happiness is proportionally equivalent to health. You cannot be happy if you are not healthy. All those incidents made us realise that it’s important to keep our health as the topmost priority and there is no shortcut to being healthy.

My secret mantra includes 3 things – Happiness, Exercise, and Food.

I strongly believe that food is the best medicine. It’s important to eat sensibly and avoid crash diets.

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But only good food is not going to help you if you are not physically active. Any kind of physical exercise is good for your body. Thirdly, Being happy is important which actually depends on the above 2 factors. If you are eating healthy and working out, you will anyways stay happy.

I am sharing the points which I follow to stay healthy- 

  1. Good food/Healthy eating-
  • I try to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 heavy meals in a day.
  • Do not ignore the importance of water and drink at least 7-8 glasses every day.
  • Chew properly. Do not swallow food even if you are in a hurry.
  • Stay away from refined foods like white flour and empty sugars. 

2. Exercise- 

  • I love dancing and Zumba which I try to do 3 times a week. On other days, I try to go for walking whenever I get time.
  • If you are starting, go slow.
  • Start with walking 1-2 km and then increase slowly.
  • Do not do any vigorous exercise all at a once and do consult an expert before starting a gym or any other form of vigorous physical exercise. 
  1. Happiness-
  • I listen to music, dance and spend time with my family to stay happy.
  • Do something which you are passionate about and love doing.
  • Pursue a hobby like painting, music or join a club to stay happy.
  • Meet friends over a cup of tea. Sometimes all you need is a good chat with friends to charge you up.

Along with this, I try following things-

Not to sit for a longer period of time. I walk around the house or office in between work and come back to sit after few stretches. I try to walk around while talking on a phone too.

My family loves to travel. Travelling is another thing which gives me a break, keeps me happy and ultimately healthy. 

On the days, I cant step out of the house, I try to do yoga and Surya namaskars at home. 

These are all small things but can make a huge difference to your health. A small change in lifestyle for a healthier and happier tomorrow. Can you do it?

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