Life lessons

6 Lessons to teach kids from Mahatma Gandhi’s life

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and an inspirational man who not only got us freedom but also taught us many life lessons. He was the most influential leader of our country who fought against injustice and inequality with… Continue Reading →


8 Life Lessons To Teach Your Kids!

Today I went with my teenage daughter to watch the movie ‘PINK’ and wanted to share my views about it. I know that already so much has been written about it but I wanted to write it for all our… Continue Reading →


5 Important Things To Teach Kids before exam time

A 13-year-old girl student of a school has gone missing since Wednesday morning. A few days back, Bangalore woke up to the news of a teenager missing and several messages followed on WhatsApp and Facebook after that. For the next… Continue Reading →


A flying Jatt- We all need Superheroes!

“A flying Jatt” – A movie on a story of a Superman who saves his country from a villain. It is a fantasy movie with a strong message in the end. The kids are going to love this movie as… Continue Reading →


It’s About Money Honey!

It’s about money honey, it’s not funny honey, It controls people, it changes them for good. It makes them selfish, it shows them the truth. It’s about money honey, it’s not funny honey, It can create differences, it can distance… Continue Reading →


Writing and me!

I write to give wings to my thoughts, I write to feel happy and light, I write to jot down the thoughts of the moment, I write as I know my ideas won’t stay for long, I write to capture… Continue Reading →