Today I went with my teenage daughter to watch the movie ‘PINK’ and wanted to share my views about it. I know that already so much has been written about it but I wanted to write it for all our kids. There are many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ attached to our society which needs to be changed. Here are some life lessons for the kids-

For our Daughters

  • Teach your daughters to be brave, strong and honest.
  • There are so many hardships in life. Make them ready to face anything in life with a smile.
  • Teach them to trust their instincts as in some situations our instinct only helps us when we are not able to decide between good or bad.
  • Take chances but be ready to face the results of it.
  • Love yourself and do not worry about what others think of you.
  • Do admit it when you are wrong. It’s not wrong, to be honest.
  • Don’t get influenced too much by what others say or think.
  • My favourite is- Do not expect the same things from others as you do for them.

For our sons-

  • Teach them to respect girls and not to treat them as someone lower than them.
  • Teach them to stand up for any injustice towards a female.
  • Teach them to do household work too. They should not see only their mom doing all the housework.
  • Teach them to be a gentleman. It just requires a little effort but it’s not impossible.
  • If you see any signs which are not good, it’s better to control those when they are young.
  • Remember little boys learn by example, so fathers should treat their moms with love and respect to set a good example for them.
  • Teach him that it’s ok to cry and show your emotions in front of other people and it’s not a sign of weakness.
  • Do not say things like, “these things or games or chores are for girls” to him.

There are so many incidents happening around us that make me wonder, “Where are we all heading towards?”

I feel it’s important to hold our kid’s hands and show them the right path from the starting itself. But it is equally important to let them be and explore on their own. These are few important life lessons for them.

As they say, “The most important thing parents can teach kids is to get along without them.”

This post is for Day 6 of UBC and Daily Chatter