I write to give wings to my thoughts,

I write to feel happy and light,

I write to jot down the thoughts of the moment,

I write as I know my ideas won’t stay for long,

I write to capture them before they go away,

I write to unload my mind and think clearly,

To feel calmer and feel relaxed.

My heart follows so many things and my mind wanders here and there,

My writings keep it all under control and I don’t have to care.

I write as it has opened a whole new world which I never knew existed,

And it is relaxing and a way to unwind.

I write as it involves quiet time and my time,

And keeps me organised.

Writing is an art that is like an emotional voyage,

Taking us along on a journey of ups and downs.

It is a reminder that we are alive,

And it is like an unleashing agent for my imagination.

Last but not least, I write as it makes me happy πŸ™‚



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