“A flying Jatt” – A movie on a story of a Superman who saves his country from a villain. It is a fantasy movie with a strong message in the end. The kids are going to love this movie as it has a lot of fun moments in the first part. The second part is little preachy and looks little dragged. Songs are really nice especially, “Toota Jo Kabhi tara”. The movie also gives a nice and meaningful lesson to the society in the end, “Go green and save the environment”.

It reminded me of the fact that we all need superheroes in our life. As we grow from kids to adults, we need people who can inspire us and who can be our role models. As kids, we all believed in Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc. and the qualities inspired us to be like them. We all believed that we can change the world like our superheroes.

Who is a superhero?

Somebody who can do that stuff which a normal person can’t do and have special powers to do good work for society. It can be anybody – A mentor, a guide, our parents, a good friend or sometimes a stranger.

Why we need superheroes in our life-

  1. To teach us the power of belief- To achieve anything in life we need to believe first. If we believe we can do it, we will surely be able to do it.
  2. To teach us the power of hope-Super heroes are like life lessons and remind us to keep hope. Being hopeful means holding on and knowing that something good is going to happen.
  3. To teach us the power of good behaviour- Superheroes model their behaviour and teach us to learn from our mistakes. They teach us,” Do good and good will come to you”.
  4. To teach us about right or wrong– We often do not understand a difference between right and wrong. Our superheroes show us how to differentiate only if we pay attention.
  5. To teach us to be strong– When we look at our superheroes, we realise how important it is to be strong. Not only body but our mind should be strong too.

We definitely need heroes, especially now to save us of this impending danger of world and various issues like pollution, terrorism, violence, wars, increasing population, poverty, hunger etc. all over the world.

One more important message, “Flying jatt” gives us- We all have heroes inside of us. It is just a matter of belief and faith. 🙂