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Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and an inspirational man who not only got us freedom but also taught us many life lessons. He was the most influential leader of our country who fought against injustice and inequality with peace. Truth, simplicity, nonviolence, and peace were his main principles. Today on his birthday, I am sharing some life lessons which we can learn from his life and also teach our kids.

  1. Anything is possible – Mahatma Gandhi was not born in a family of great leaders nor was he a child prodigy or a genius like many other famous people. He was a common man who used to be very shy in childhood. He still emerged as a leader and a great man. The lesson you can learn is to believe in yourself and do what feels right. Never think any less of yourself.
  2. Keep trying – He never stopped trying until he succeeded. Step by step and slowly, he achieved what he wanted. We can learn the lesson of trying till we succeed. Success comes slowly to those who try and not to those who lose patience and stop trying.
  3. Non-violence – Mahatma Gandhi always followed the path of non-violence and achieved what he wanted through peace. Sometimes, things around us make us sad and upset.  But we can learn from him the lesson to stay calm in tough situations. Try to follow the path of peace instead of violence to handle tough situations. Gandhi
  4. Simplicity – You don’t need materialistic things to be happy. Gandhi Ji was a very simple man. He was happy and positive in whatever he had and never lived a fancy life. Money and materialistic things don’t matter if you are not happy. Simple living and high thinking was his mantra.
  5. Be a role model – Gandhiji’s famous quote- ‘Be the change you want to see in others’ teaches us to be a role model and to lead by example. He was an active participant in all his campaigns, whether it was the Dandi march, satyagraha, or quit India movement, he was a role model. So, its always better to change yourself first and then expect the world to change.
  6. See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil – We all heard of this lesson when we were small. Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys are every famous who teach us this lesson.

We often complain about so many things which we see around. But if we look at Mahatma Gandhi’s life, we get to learn many important lessons which can be useful for us. Our kids can definitely learn some lessons of truth, nonviolence, and leadership qualities from him and his life.

Mahatma Gandhi’s life is very inspiring. What inspires you? Share the things which you think we can teach our kids.