I am not a big fan of TV and rarely watch any saas-bahu dramas or any melodramatic serials. I love watching talk shows, movies or anything which is simple and short and not something which is forever on air.

Recently I came to know about Breathe and it moved me as a mom, as a parent and also as a human being. Breathe is the best original series by Amazon prime available for binge-watching. One of the best original series according to me and worth a marathon watch. You can binge watch all the episodes of season 1 which are available on Amazon Prime.

All the 8 episodes are available one after the other to watch for you. I just finished watching the last episode and believe me you, it is one of the best series I watched in a long time.

Bored? Not anymore! I am sure you won’t even feel like taking a break in between the episodes as it keeps you hooked on till the end. It is definitely a cut above normal TV serials and a must watch.

It’s a thriller story which showcases two fathers, one played by actor Madhavan and how he has to take some difficult decisions for his son’s life.  And the other one is played by actor Amit Sadh who lives in guilt as a father.

Synopsis – It is a story of a dilemma of a parent to choose between right or wrong. It also shows to what extent a parent can go for his family. You have to watch it to know more as the original series is worth every minute. Watch it to know what decision he takes for his family.

The plot –                                        

8 episodes, one strong story. A father who takes some tough decisions for his ailing son and a father who has a lot of guilt as he lost his daughter. Madhavan as David is a football academy coach who comes to know about his 6-year-old son’s life-threatening disease and makes some tough decisions to save him. As a father, he tries to change the destiny of his son and changes from a God-fearing man to a serial killer. On the other hand, actor Amit Sadh as inspector Kabir Sawanth fights his own battles. He lost his daughter to a gunshot and drowns himself in drinking as he blames himself for his daughter’s death. He comes to know about the murders of all AB-ve donors, and his own wife is on the list.

As David (Madhavan) chooses to save his son by killing all the organ donors for his son, the cop Kabir Savanth tries to bring justice by finding out the real culprit.

Why it moved me as a parent?

The hardest thing for a parent is to see their kids suffer or face any kind of hardship. Breathe deals with the reality of life, ups and downs, fears and dilemmas we face as parents at some point. We all are faced with many different situations as parents. Sometimes we have to take a difficult decision for our children’s sake. What we do and say as a parent has a great effect on our kids. What a child sees or hears today can influence their future tomorrow.

I could relate to Madhavan and Amit on many different levels as a parent. I constantly questioned myself while watching – What I would have done in this situation as a parent?

Its hard to even imagine what a parent undergoes if they come to know about something which can be life-threatening for their child. In the end, he is just a father who tries to save his son but as a human being, is it right or not?


Why it moved me as a human being?

We face many different situations in our life and some of them are not in our hands. As someone who loves their family and can do anything for them, it’s not easy to choose right or wrong. There is nothing more frightening than to know something wrong is going to happen to your loved ones. I am not sure what I would have done as a daughter, as a sister, or as a wife but this series definitely makes you wonder. Life and the challenges thrown at us make us a completely different person and that’s is what is shown in this series.

What I liked

A refreshing and uplifting series for sure as actors and directors have done a wonderful job of coming up with something as interesting as this. Amazon is doing a great job by bringing out original series like this. And I certainly hope to see much more like this. Every episode has a different storyline but all are interconnected. First few episodes show you how a father makes some tough decisions. Next few are surely going to make you curious to know what’s going to happen next.

I am glad that Amazon original series are launched as this is a step in the right direction. Breathe Amazon prime original is their second original series after Inside edge. I am now waiting for Amazon prime to bring more such interesting original series.

Everything about Breathe is surprisingly fascinating and interesting. A must watch Amazon original series for everyone especially those who love thrillers. This story of a desperate father and a depressed cop is intriguing enough to keep you hooked on to it.

Will he be able to save his son? What will be his next target? What is Kabir going to do to find the truth? 

– These questions are surely going to make you press the buttons for the next episode every time you finish the first one.

Now that all the episodes are out, you should not miss the climax, the last episode. It is simply superb and will surely bring a smile on your face in the end. A wonderful acting by all the actors and a thrilling suspense makes it a must watch.

How far will someone go to save the life of a loved one? Will he be able to save his son? Will Kabir be able to deliver the justice? Watch it and find out yourself while I wait for the season 2 of this amazing series. Hope it comes up soon.

You can’t miss this gripping thriller as it is nothing like you have seen before! All the episodes are streaming live now. #BreatheAmazon #AmazonPrime

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