Going to restaurants is not an easy task, especially with small kids. There are a different set of requirements for a family with small children and not all restaurants are equipped with it. I was blissfully unaware of the challenges faced by parents when going to a restaurant.

Apart from the facilities, they are also looking for child-friendly food, helpful staff, a seating arrangement that can ensure that the family has a separate section and some carefree time, if possible. While many restaurants are still miles away from attaining these, I have curated a list of restaurants that have put in some effort to help in these areas.


The Village – Soul of India

This is bang in the middle of Amanora Mall. This restaurant has a rustic theme and has a dhaba style sitting arrangement. The fun part of this place is it serves buffet with a lot of activities. You have an event manager who engages the children in some games, while they eat and there is also some music to which children can groove.  This place is the go-to place for me and my girlfriends when we have to catch up and chill. As children get busy in activities, we can catch up on each other’s life. The spread is huge and there is a mix of items with various spice levels, so even the fussy eaters will find something that they enjoy.


If you have ever been associated with Pune, you know Vaishali. This is the most popular Udupi style restaurant in Pune, popular for years among college students and oldies alike. The staff is always helpful and smiling despite the fact that it is always full. They will try and ensure your wait time is less and the service is very quick. Apart from the usual Dosa, Vada, idli etc, the other thing that Vaishali is popular for is SPDP (Sev Papdi Dahi Puri) I like Vaishali for two things, the whole community feeling that the restaurant brings about and the fact that you can ask for a change in spice level. The staff honours all the requests.


Wadeshwar is another old haunt that is synonymous with Pune. It is famous for its typical Marathi cuisine and healthy bites. Yup! You can easily order flavorful Protein shake, Misal and a tofu sandwich, all in one breath and not worry about the budget. As they offer healthy meal options, I can happily say Yes to any item on the menu for my kids without worrying about them eating junk or unhealthy food. 


11 East Street Café

This is actually a cute little restaurant on the busy East Street in Pune. East Street is famous for street shopping.  It also boasts of a lot of lovely eateries and restaurants. This restaurant is inspired by a London street and is a theme restaurant. They have a façade of a double-decker bus right at the entrance. Kids love going up and down the bus and looking for other such nooks in the restaurant. The whole novelty factor of this themed restaurant is enough to keep the kids engaged. The desserts here are to die for! Their continental food is also great. 


Yana is a restaurant that specializes in Sizzlers. They have a great variety of sizzlers and sometimes they also have live counters that will help you create your own sizzler! Yana’s table mats are activity sheets for children! Every table has a table mat and a pencil to do the activities. So till the parents decide on what to order, kids are busy solving their sheets. It’s a fun thing and even I can’t resist solving a crossword before the food arrives. It’s an educational and fun way to keep the children engaged.

Over to You

These are some of the restaurants that I have enjoyed taking my children to, what’s yours? Do share in the comments below and we could compare notes.

This article is written by our mommy voice of Pune. 


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