Bangalore is famous for its multinational population, cosmopolitan culture and a mix of people not only from all over India but from different parts of the world.  People from different states stay in Bangalore and make it a very interesting place. I came here in 2001 and at that time there was a very limited choice of North Indian restaurants. Being a Punjabi and a foodie, I and my husband always look out for new and interesting places to eat.

We love exploring new eating joints around the city and even used to travel to different corners of Bangalore to try something new. But once you have kids, all your preferences change. At least initial few years with kids are not very easy and going to a fine dining restaurant is like a dream.

One can always look out for kid-friendly restaurants in their city where kids can roam around, make noise and parents can enjoy without worrying. I am sharing a list of few such restaurants from my experience as a parent in Bangalore-

  1. Barbeque nation – My first preference would be this restaurant as it has a lavish buffet spread and even a picky eater will get something of his/her choice to eat. Barbeque nation is a chain of buffet restaurants across India and is famous for its live grill on every table.

Cuisine – A mix of continental, Indian, Mediterranean, and oriental.

Plus points – High chair available, helping and hospitable staff, customise menu, and non-formal atmosphere.


2. Bistro Claytopia – It is my kids favourite as it is not like a regular restaurant which we visit. What’s different? It has many art and craft activities for kids. Claytopia is a place where kids can enjoy painting and making some interesting stuff along with yummy burgers. Later kids can take their creation home.

Cuisine – American, café.

Plus points – Kids engaging craft activities, kid-friendly menu and outdoor sitting area and good for arranging birthday parties.

3. Jalsa – It is a restaurant with an Indian Mughal theme and a lovely ambiance. My kids loved it for the décor and the beautifully decorated sitting areas. They have options of authentic Indian Mughlai food in the menu.

Cuisine – Mainly Indian.

Plus points – Beautiful ambiance, high chair available, variety in menu, kids play area.

4. Serengeti – Kids are surely going to love this place as it is an animal theme based restaurant. It has a wildlife and jungle theme with some yummy Indian food on the menu.

Cuisine- Indian.

Plus points – Theme, ambiance, high chair available.

5. Art blend café – It is a café where you can take your kids without worrying about anything as they have many board games and books for them. It not only has yummy food on the menu but they also host many activities for kids around the year. They have festival special art and craft activities. Recently they have a Halloween theme event called ‘Halloween Spooktacular’.

Cuisine – Italian, café.

Plus points – Kids activities, kid-friendly menu.

6. Silver metro – My girls love it and they call it ‘Train restaurant’. It is a metro train-themed restaurant which gives you a feel of eating inside a train. We love the buffet menu and the options offered.

Cuisine – Indian (Buffet system)

Plus points – Theme, ambiance, high chair available, friendly staff.

7. The Black Pearl – Kids are going to love the ambiance as it has a pirate theme. A very good buffet spread and you can even get it customised to your taste.

Cuisine – Indian, Mediterranean, European.

Plus points – Theme, high chair available, great service and helpful staff.

Image courtesy- The black pearl

8. Kobe sizzlers– They have one of the best sizzlers in the city. My family loves sizzlers, so this is our favourite place to go for sizzlers. The best part is that you can get kids favourite on the menu too like burgers and sandwiches. My teen and tween love this place. So, highly recommended for little older kids.

Cuisine – American, continental.

Plus points – Kid friendly menu, high chair available.

9. Fishermans Wharf – This is a Goan theme restaurant with some great seafood. The whole ambiance gives you a feel of a Goan village with boats and nets etc. Kids are going to enjoy the open areas.

Cuisine – Multi-cuisine, coastal.

Plus points – Kid friendly theme and ambiance, open and outdoor areas, high chair available.

10. Chillies – This is a current favourite of my family as we love Mexican food which makes a large part of their menu. Other than Mexican, they have burgers, sandwiches, pizzas available too. Casual and laid back atmosphere makes it easier to go with kids.

Cuisine – American, Tex-Mex.

Plus points – Live sports screening, outdoor seating, friendly staff, high chair available.

These were few from my list of favourite kid-friendly restaurants. Please share your list of family restaurants with us too.




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