Books are my favourite companions and as much as I love reading, I am not getting enough time to read these days. But a good book and a cup of tea is the best idea to relax. I do get time on some days to relax and just read a book.

It just gives me pleasure which is incomparable but slowly reading is replaced by gadgets and Electronic Media. I am glad that my daughters love reading as I believe reading is a great habit. You must inculcate the love for reading in your kids. My love for reading slowly led to writing and blogging. One thing led to other and today I am an EBook author.

Last year I published my first EBook – Parenting tips and tricks


Every day is a new challenge in my role as a “Mom”. My experience with different kids and parents has influenced my way of thinking and approach towards parenting. I believe all moms are super moms as we have special powers and a strong instinct to judge a situation when it comes to our kids.

This E-book is not a guarantee to give you a new and improved child in one week. I don’t think any book is going to change your child, until and unless you change your approach towards parenting. Try behaving and reacting differently to situations. It is inspired by my learnings from my parents and from my own experiences as a mom and as a teacher.

You can download my Ebook – PARENTING TIPS AND TRICKS

Healthy Recipes EBook

I recently published my second EBook – Healthy recipes under 30 minutes.

This healthy recipe EBook is mainly inspired by my foodie family who loves to eat and explore new food items. My mantra for this book is – Healthy but not boring.


My daughters are the inspiration behind all my experiments in the kitchen. They are also my inspiration for discovering new recipes which are not healthy but yummy too. Healthy recipes EBook gives out a message that healthy food can be interesting and tasty too. I hope to break the myth that healthy food is boring and tasteless. This book is a tribute to my mom who was a great cook and taught me how to relate food with love.

There are 18 different recipes ranging from starters to main course and some desserts. I tried to keep them all healthy yet tasty.

You can download my healthy recipes EBook– Healthy recipes under 30 minutes .

Hope you like both my EBooks and find them helpful. Download to read and share.