I got an invitation few days back from Indiblogger for a blogger meet in Bangalore. I always wanted to attend Indiblogger meet as heard a lot from friends that it’s fun and entertaining. So, I immediately accepted the invitation and was looking forward to my first ever Indiblogger meet.



The meet started with networking and lunch at 12.30. After lunch, we all headed inside the ballroom for other activities. Anoop was our host of the evening who started with some introductions and different games and activities. The meet was actually Indiblogger berger meet as we spent a fun colourful day with all bloggers.

The first game was ‘Bursting the balloon’ in which we all tied a balloon to our legs and had to pop others balloons.

img_20161210_140955297 img_20161210_140459399

Next Chandranath Banerjee, Service Head, Express Painting from Berger India came on the stage and gave us a brief about their company and various products. It was a very informative session as we were shown a few videos about their new products and how they are making painting easy and hassle-free. We saw campaign videos of express painting and also customer testimonials.


Berger Paints India has come up with the Berger EXPRESS PAINTING  service in order to upgrade the painting process. After customer feedback about the whole process of painting being lot of hassle and extra work, Berger Paints has come up with the motto of a “Faster, Cleaner and Better” experience for consumers with its Express Painting service. It promises the consumer a world class painting experience with reduced time, no dirt, spillage of paints and an excellent finish on walls.

Next, we were also shown many tools and products by Berger which are used these days and can make painting a house hassle-free.

  • Short handle
    Short handle
  • Paint roller
    Paint roller
  • Mixer
  • Long handle
    Long handle
  • Jet presser
    Jet presser
  • Airless sprayer
    Airless sprayer

After that, the actual fun started with a lot of colourful games by Berger called ‘Colours of India’ and ‘scrubbing game’. We were all divided into teams of 5 -6 people each and the first game was to smoothen the surface of a hardboard and make it smooth by scrubbing with the help of a sandpaper. We named our team ‘Paint my love’ and we finished it in 1 minute 20 seconds.


The second game was a lot of fun as we actually used the Berger paints and learnt also about mixing of paints and strainers of various colours. The best part was that colours we used were all washable. All the teams were given a canvas, brushes, paints, and a palette. We were all asked to draw and paint something about the current topics of India. Our team won second prize in both the activities.

  • Our team won
    Our team won
  • Our painting which won second prize
    Our painting which won second prize

It was a fun blogger meet and a fun-filled event along with a lot of learning about painting and different innovative products. Also got to meet so many new bloggers and made some new friends. All thanks to Indiblogger for organising such a fun blogger meet. I am already waiting for the next one to happen soon to have more fun with all the bloggers.

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