We celebrate Children’s day on 14th November every year. It is also chacha Nehru’s birth anniversary. My younger one is already waiting for a gift. She has been complaining since last few days that we do not get them anything on Children’s day.

Mom! Its CHILDREN’S DAY and you are supposed to give gifts to us.” This is what she told me a few days back.

I feel more than gifts it’s important to make them feel special by doing something special for them. But the question is how to do it? How to make them special?

Here are a few things which you can plan this Children’s day for your kids to make them feel special-


  1. Spend uninterrupted time together- These days everyone is so busy in their lifestyle that they hardly have time to sit down and chat with each other. Not only parents but kids are also burdened with studies and many extracurricular activities. You can take a break from your busy schedule and spend quality time with them. Switch off your phone and just listen to them and their cute stories. 
  2. Go out for an outing – My girls love going out for long drives or ice cream outings but it’s not easy to take out time for these regularly. Why not this Children’s day you make sure to take them out for a fun outing. It can be an ice cream outing, visit a toy store or a visit to some gaming zone.
  3. Movie break – You can plan a movie date with your children. It’s ok if there is no good movie in the theatres near you. You can plan a Disney movie with popcorn for them at home. There are many kids movies and you can check with your kids and decide according to their wish.
  4. Be a kid with your kids– Why not be a kid for a day and love what they love? When you show interest in what all they do or like, they feel special and important. I know it’s not easy to show the same excitement. But show them you care and you are equally happy and excited. it is the best way to celebrate children’s day.
  5. Gifts – Now who doesn’t like gifts? My girls love chocolates but we do have some set rules at home about eating chocolates. But this one day, I am planning to buy a pack of their favourite chocolates for them. I am sure all kids love sweets and chocolates. Give them the gift of love, the gift of sweetness and see them smile.

These might sound tricky but I am sure these are doable. Let’s also try and make some traditions which can be beautiful memories later. When they call you for a hug or a snuggle, do not wait for anything as it’s not going to last forever. Put aside your To-Do list and be there for them. Celebrate children’s day with your little munchkins and make them feel special.

These little acts of love and kindness are surely going to make your kid feel special. How are you planning to spend this Children’s day?