Writing is therapeutic and for that one particular reason, I started writing a few years back. It was more like an outlet of thoughts. I always wanted to start my own blog with my domain name but was clueless about the whole process. The thought of setting up a website with my domain name was like a dream.

I finally decided to take the plunge after a lot of deliberation. I was eager and excited about starting my own blog but had no clue how and where to go for guidance.

Today, I am proud of my self-made and self-designed website with my domain name. I am sharing with you all few lessons from my blogging journey. It is for those moms who are confused about the whole process of setting up their own blog.


Many moms ask me this question- How did you start your own mommy blog?

And here are the steps that I followed-

  1. Ask – Think of a niche and your area of interest.

 Ask yourself these questions

Do you want to write only about parenting?
What do you like writing about?
Do you enjoy writing fiction, stories or poems?
Do you enjoy sharing your thoughts with others as a mom?
Are you comfortable in sharing your parenting stories with others?

2. Research – Exploring and proper researching always helps. I did as much research as I could and learnt a lot by just exploring and reading. Make sure you are clear about the nitty gritty’s before you take the plunge.

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3. Decide– Many moms ask me- How to start? Where to start? What are the free and paid options?

So here it is –
WordPress.com is free account and WordPress.org is a paid account.

If you are confused about which platform to choose or not sure if you want to start with a paid one for now, start with either Blogger.com or a free WordPress account. Good news is that you can export all your posts from Blogger or free WordPress account easily when you decide to move to your own domain.

4. Select your hosting– Once you decide to go for your own domain name, next step is selecting a platform to host your website. There are many hosting sites like Go daddy, Hostgator, Blue host etc. I used Go Daddy for my website and the whole process was very smooth.

5. Domain name– Think of a domain name for your blog. I tried many names but most of them were not available. Think of a name relevant to your site and your genre. It is going to represent you and your blog everywhere.

6. Choose a plan– Go daddy has different plans to choose from and I took Managed WordPress option with a basic plan for my blog and have no complaints. There are a lot of useful plugins already installed for you in your website for the starting and it makes the whole process smooth and easy for you.

7. Designing– Being a non-technical person, if I can do it anyone can do it. I designed my own website from scratch and learnt a lot. Although it is always better to take a professionals help for designing, I wanted to do it myself as wanted to learn the whole process.

8. Start writing– Once you are ready with everything, just start writing from your heart and connect with other mom bloggers. Blogging is not only about just writing. You have to make sure your writing is reaching the right audiences. Do share it on different social media channels and promote it as much as you can. Initially, you can take help from your family and friends to spread the word.

9. Networking and connecting– Initial months were hard but talking with other bloggers helped. It is very important to connect with other bloggers and network. I learnt this slowly and @Blogchatter– a community for bloggers helped me to connect with other wonderful bloggers too. Blogger friends can help you with ideas, applaud your success, console your failures and support you in this journey.

10. Be consistent – Once you have everything in place, just be regular in your writing. I try to write and publish at least 3 times a week but it differs with different bloggers. Some write every day and some just write 2 times a week. Whatever you choose, just be consistent as it helps to form a good reader’s base.

A fast recap of all the steps –


So are you ready to do this? Are you excited to enter the world of blogging?

Do ask me any questions you have in the comments below and I will be happy to help you with whatever I can. You can also mail the questions to me at deepagandhi21@gmail.com