A bright yellow screen, a bulky body with an antenna – that’s how a mobile phone looked when it was launched. Nokia was our first phone. From making calls to sending SMSs and playing snake, we’ve come a long way. Video calls and messages have taken over and games have evolved like never before. Apart from all these changes, one unmissable change was the introduction of cameras in mobile phones. Did you know that the first commercially available mobile phone with a camera was launched in 1999! In this post, I will be sharing how to choose the right camera phones for bloggers. 

Choose the right camera phones for bloggers

20 years later we have cameras competing with DSLRs and professional cameras. They’ve made capturing moments so much easier and hassle-free. As a blogger and a content creator, having a good camera phone is necessary. Every piece of content we work on needs to have pictures and if you don’t have a good camera, you probably can’t have good pictures too. DSLRs are great to have, but you can’t have them always with you. There are some instantaneous moments that need to be captured and that’s when a camera phone is a boon. 

With so many camera phones in the market, how to choose the right camera phone? Bloggers come in different shapes and sizes and write about an array of topics. In this post, we will talk about camera phones for travel bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and to choose the perfect camera phone for you. We won’t be talking about specific brands per se, but what you should look for in a camera to complement your blog.

Choosing Camera Phones for Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers (nomads as I call them) are the ones who are constantly on the move. They are the ones responsible for bringing places to life in front of us through their blogs and content. They tell stories through their photos and hence photos are vital for them. 

When it comes to choosing a camera phone for a travel blogger, a wide-angle camera is a must. Wide-angle cameras capture a wide area and hence you can fit a lot of things in one photo. Photos shot from a wide-angle camera make the user feel that they are a part of it as they see the bigger picture. Most cameras today offer up to 160 degrees of wide-angle view. And you should choose a camera phone that not only has a large field of view but also a higher megapixel count so that your photos are not blurry when zoomed in or show on a TV. If you are a travel blogger, your camera phone should have a decent wide-angle camera.

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Choosing Camera Phones for Food Bloggers

If there are a set of bloggers that all of us envy are the food bloggers. Their content armed with delicious photos is drool-worthy. Just like a travel blogger, photos are quintessential for food bloggers as well. However, since they mostly photograph food, a good macro lens is what they need. Most of the camera phones today come with a dedicated lens for macro photography. However, you must consider the megapixel count for the macro lens. These lenses are made to capture finer details and help capture the texture of food perfectly.

Another important thing while choosing a camera phone for food bloggers is the presence of a depth sensor. This sensor is responsible for giving a natural bokeh effect that helps the subject stand out from the background. When capturing food, the depth of field with a decent macro lens can do wonders. Hence if you are a food blogger looking to purchase a camera phone, your focus should ideally be on a good macro lens with a depth of field sensor.

Choosing a camera phone for lifestyle bloggers

Lifestyle bloggers according to me are the ones who share ideas and content from anything under the sun. Such bloggers need a good overall camera that focuses on a particular lens. Even a single-lens camera phone is good for them as they mostly point and shoot. In such scenarios, looking for a camera phone with a higher megapixel count helps as it will be able to scale out well when shared on a blog or watched on a bigger screen. Also, a lower f stop number (f/1.4, f/1.6, etc.) will ensure that your photos are crisp and bright as they allow more light to enter the camera.

Sometimes even a telephoto lens would be helpful especially when you want to capture something that is at a distance and you can’t reach it. Say at a concert or during a wildlife safari. In such situations, a telephoto lens does come in handy. While the question of having a single or multiple lens camera is debatable, having a camera with multiple lenses gives you the ability to capture photos in different ways thus ensure your pictures speak more. 

Though we have such advanced camera phones with us, it’s all about the photographer. It’s their perspective that matters the most. Having a good camera phone gives you the advantage to capture better photos. Most of the cameras available today have multiple lenses allowing you to capture photos with different perspectives. However, as we’ve discussed, based on the type of blogger you are, you need to focus on one particular lens that will help you the most. No doubt that the primary camera does a great job, but if you want to have an edge, leverage the other lenses, and create good photos. With this, we hope that you now know exactly what to look for when choosing a camera phone and also hope now you know what to look for when buying the right camera phones for bloggers. 

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