Arjun was standing in a corner and sobbing. Meeta and Sunil were having an argument again. Every day he would see his parents fighting over something or the other. 

He was tired of this and wanted to run away. He told them that it’s so much better when they get along, but neither of them put in effort and result was divorce.

Today on a village tour, he saw a broken house which reminded him of his ‘BROKEN HOME’. He didn’t want to remember anything from those days but memories of past always haunt him at unexpected times and places.



Do you know your little one is going to hear everything when you are fighting? Do you know how badly it can affect the kids?

I am sure you will all agree that it’s not a great experience for a kid. Especially when you have memories of your own parents fighting, you might sympathise with the feelings of your child when the situation is tense.

Parents should keep these points in mind before they argue in front of their kids-

  • Kids are never too small to understand that their parents are fighting. Do not think that your toddler is not going to understand anything as they are small. There are chances that he might not remember anything later but all these fights and arguments can leave a mark on him.
  • Take responsibility of your actions in front of the kids by apologising to your partner. Kids follow by example and you will see them following you by taking responsibility in front of their friends.
  • Talk to each other whenever there is a problem. If there are any major decisions to be taken, it’s important to sit and discuss instead of arguing over it later in front of kids. Discuss all the possible ways to handle a situation to avoid an argument later.
  • If you see that kids are upset due to an argument or a fight, make them understand that no family is perfect. Arguments happen but with love and understanding families can solve any problem.


This is written for #FridayFotofiction 100 words fiction by Mayuri and Tina.