Moms are always on the lookout for good recipes for their kids. As a mom, I know how difficult it is to get kids to eat healthy especially when he/she is a picky eater.


I am consolidating all the recipes from this series in this post. I hope this compilation of recipes makes it easier for moms to go through each one of them whenever they are looking for something yummy and healthy to make.

  1. Yummy Mango Mania– I started Nutrition Niche with this recipe as it was mango season and we all know that kids love mangoes. The best part about this recipe is that you can use any other fruit too in place of mangoes to make this yummy recipe. I am sure your kids won’t run away from fruits if you give it this way. 🙂

Nutrition- All the goodness of fruits with some calcium. Read here to know about this recipe.



  1. Yummy and Healthy Burritos- Mexican food is my family’s favorite. You will see a lot of Mexican recipes on my blog. Burritos are like rolls with a lot of veggies, sauces, beans, rice, etc. packed inside. My daughters love it and if we give it a little twist, it is a very healthy recipe.

Nutrition- To know about my twist to the recipe, Read here.


  1. Oats Dosa with Coconut Chutney- I am sure your kids love dosa but in this recipe, there is a healthy twist too. I make them with oats and sometimes with other grains too. This recipe is great for school snack box for kids.

Nutrition- I think just the mention of the word oats make it’s a nutritious recipe. Read here.

Snack box

  1. Bread rolls– This is another recipe for school snack box with a healthy twist. It is a simple dish which we all enjoyed in our childhood.

Nutrition- The healthy twist is in the filling in the bread roll. Read here.

  1. Paneer rolls– It is one of my daughter’s favorite recipe for school lunch box. It is easy to make and healthy too. If your child brings the vegetable back from school and just eat the roti, why not try a roll?

Nutrition- Paneer, veggies and whole wheat chappatis- everything is healthy in this recipe.


  1. Pizza sandwich- This is another one from my daughter’s favorite snack box recipes. They both love sandwiches and the pizza sandwich is their invention which they like to make their own way and some special instructions for mom.

Nutrition- Cheese is a good source of calcium which can be substituted for milk if your child is not ready to drink milk any day. Here is the recipe.


  1. Red sauce pasta- You can make a pasta in different forms and ways. I try many different recipes for my girls as kids sometimes get bored of the same recipe. Pasta in red sauce is their favorite and they take it to school once a week too.

Nutrition- Do you know tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fiber, and many other nutrients? Read more about the recipe.


  1. Chicken quesadilla- This is another Mexican recipe which is very easy to make if you have all the ingredients ready at home. I shared a recipe with chicken but you can make it with vegetables too.

Nutrition- There are a lot of ways to sneak in vegetables in your kid’s foods. Read about this recipe to know more.

  1. Oats Pancake- One more with oats as this magic food can be included in any recipe in powdered form. Pancakes are favorite breakfast at our house and to give them a healthy twist, I include oats or make it multi grain.

Nutrition- Fruits can be included with pancakes to give it a healthy twist too. Want to know how to make pancakes healthy?Read here.Pancake



  1. White sauce pasta- A delicious combination of all white things. Pasta with white sauce is again a yummy and healthy recipe for kids. These kinds of pasta are a full meal in itself with all the essential ingredients.

Nutrition- Milk and cheese provide the goodness of calcium and I added vegetables too. Want to know why it’s a full meal in itself, Read here.


Do try these recipes and let me know if your kids and family liked it. I will be back with another recipe and nutritional post next.