Do you know sports is good for the overall development of a child? I can say this from my personal experience as I have observed this in my daughters. My younger one was on the school basketball team and is very good at athletics. The good thing is that their school also encourages them to play sports. Sadly, in India sports are not given that much importance as other subjects. Although things are slowly changing, there is still scope for a lot of improvement. I am sharing Chhalaang movie review in this post which is based on the same concept.

Chhalaang movie review –

Chhalaang is a small, sweet, and light movie that you can watch with your kids. It is a family movie directed by Hansal Mehta and has Rajkummar Rao, Nushrat Bharucha, Mohammed Zeeshan in the lead roles.

Although the movie is pretty predictable, the motive behind the movie is a good one. They have tried to address the serious topic of sports education in India with a simple story. Sports are perceived differently by many in our country and that’s what needs to be changed. The second part of the movie is much more fun and exciting and it brings back a lot of childhood memories of school sports day.

Lessons from the movie for kids –

The movie chhalaang is not preachy or completely filled with life lessons but there are a few simple lessons which kids can learn from this movie –

-You should never give up

-How to keep competition healthy

-Importance of good teachers

-We can actually sometimes learn from the ones we least expect.

-Anyone can achieve anything with dedication

Benefits of sports for kids –

I strongly believe that extracurricular activities are good for kids’ overall development. I have also mentioned in my previous post about music for kids. Sports and sports education are also very important for kids –

1.     Physical benefits – Sports can help kids to be physically active instead of just sitting in front of gadgets or TV. It can also help kids have better stamina, coordination, and balance. All these things can further help in studies too. If a child is physically active, they perform better in other subjects too.

2.     Mental and emotional benefits – Sadly, many parents see sports as something which can impact kids score or marks or performance in other subjects. But the truth is that sometimes it can be good for kids as it helps to remove the unwanted stress due to studies. Also, sports can help kids to be creative and strategic which can help them in the subjects like mathematics later on.

Other than these two, sports have social benefits and can teach kids leadership qualities too.

If you have still not watched the movie Chhalaang, then you can watch with your kids and I hope my review is helpful. I am writing about no stress education for the #CauseAChatter series and this is my 10th post. I hope things change soon and creative arts and sports etc. are given due weightage in the coming years according to the new education policy.