Sisters are like angels in disguise, 

Full of life, intelligent and wise.

Sister’s love is unconditional, 

It is a love that has no end.

If you are ever in trouble,

She is always there to defend.

Sometimes they get mad and sometimes they fight,

But that’s the best part, as they both think they are right.

As sister loves you from heart,

Older or younger, they play an important part.

A sister is like a friend who helps you in difficult times,

Her words are comforting and show us everything will be fine.

I believe it’s important to have a sister, be it younger or older. They can teach you many things which nobody else can. They can teach you – life can be funny, adventurous, worth enjoying. She is a partner who fills your life with laughter and joy. They will cheer for you, console you, pick you up when you feel low, stand up for you, forgive you when you hurt her, and most important of all, she will be by your side always. 🙂

This is my first attempt at #micro poetry for my sister’s Birthday. She and I are just one year apart and are like twins. We used to fight a lot, share everything (not exactly every time ;)), shared our secrets. Even if she is just one year older to me, she is a guide, a mentor, a support system, and a mother to me.

Sisters are special and this bond with siblings is always cherished. There is no relationship like a sibling. We fight but we make up pretty fast too. That’s the beauty of this relationship.

Do you also have a sister who is a mentor, a guide, a support system and a mother? Do share with me your stories of childhood with your sister. Waiting to hear from you.