Sooner or later, each one of us has to make the age-old herculean decision to settle down. Settling down, however, is never easy. Period.

Your comfort depends on whichever seat you pick to settle down on; be smart!


It means finally getting comfortable with a ‘real’ job, making some heavy-duty investments, and ultimately merging your life with a significant other. For some, it also means bidding farewell to independence aka entering self-destruction mode (pun intended)!

Jokes aside, just as tough as this decision is to make, so is the life post-it! It’s not exactly rainbows, and butterflies as shown in cheesy rom-coms! It’s imperative to practically plan your goals while you still can. To settle down is serious business.

I mostly played through my initial few months and ended up wasting much precious time and money on worthless things. Although I did have lots of fun in the process, honestly, I feel I could’ve done a better job of it.

Just so you do not end up making the same mistakes as I did, here’s a list of 3 crucial things I wish I knew before I settled down.

Realize What You Want

Nothing comes to the realization. I mostly did things a certain way ‘cause everyone else was doing it too. Your targets and your path are just as unique as you are. Stop being a copycat and circle out what is that you want to do.

When we settled down in our new place, I was so excited that I did exactly what I had seen my friends do; I right away gifted us a whole new set of home appliances that totally killed my cash flow. Now that I think of it, there’s no point wasting money on products like refrigerators and washing machines when you could always get these for easy rent. #SubscriptionLifestyle is the new way to live. I wish I’d learned sooner to #SmartlyOwn my things.

Become A Pro At Managing Your Finances

Love can take us to the moon, but we all need money to stay on this Earth. And that’s a fact!

If you’re a shopaholic, stop. Take a deep breath. And think. Does settling down strictly mean decorating your home sweet home with fancy trinkets and posh furniture? Does it mean buying the latest gizmos in the market so that you could have your water colder or veggies fresher? Or does it mean saving up money for intangible experiences that will help you grow personally?

As boring as it may seem, learn to distribute your finances amongst things that are short-term and those that are rewarding. Invest in moments that will make life memorable. Give yourselves an exotic vacation rather than a top-load washing machine. Pursue a hobby with a passion. If you always wanted to play the violin; go and join a good music academy. Don’t spend money on material objects; get your home appliances and furniture on rent. This will also help you save up for a rainy day fund.

Start With Value Time

Time is fluid. It’s either your time or someone else’s! Please try not to waste any of it. Instead, break it into pieces and plan. A little discipline in managing your time will take you a long way. Play hard but work harder and achieve your goals. Achievements call for time and effort.

Good things never come easy. So, stop playing it cool and start playing it smart.