The A to Z challenge is over and here are my reflections for the same. This was my second A to Z challenge and was skeptical to join it this time. There was a travel planned towards the end of the month and was busy due to many other things on the personal front. Although it did challenge me at times, I am glad that it’s over and I was able to finish it on time.

Last year my theme was – Parenting and as it was my first time, I had a tough time scheduling the posts. I wrote many posts on the same day. So, this year, the lessons from last year were helpful as I wrote and scheduled the posts beforehand.

This year my theme was –Healthy recipes under 30 minutes and it turned out much more useful for myself than I expected. I love cooking but this is the first time I was not only cooking but clicking pictures, writing about the recipes and ingredients and publishing a post every day. So, I realised that food blogging is actually not that easy. It is almost double the work as you are not just writing a post but also cooking and writing a recipe which everyone can easily understand.

Healthy recipes


I enjoyed the whole process and discovered a new side to me. My kids were happy as they used to wait to try a new dish cooked by their mom every day. I was glad they liked them all as they were all healthy recipes.

This challenge is incomplete without other bloggers who visit your blog every day and gave their valuable feedback. The best part is receiving comments from bloggers around the world and visiting their blogs too. Thank you to all the bloggers out there who commented on my blog. Also, a big thank you to Blogchatter for all the guidance, help and just for being there always.

I discovered that time management is the key.  Also, there is a huge community out there who are there to help you and encourage you.

Will I be doing this challenge again? Don’t know but for now, I am going to enjoy new discoveries which I made this year. Reflections do help to introspect.

Congrats to all who finished it and came out with flying colours!

All my A to z challenge 2018 posts –

A for Apple coconut squares

B for a Bracing burger

C for Carrot walnut muffins

D for Dhokla with a twist

E for Eggless Pancake

F for Fruit chocolate pops 

G for Gluten-free Spinach and rice balls

H for Honey strawberry milkshake

I for Instant paneer tikka 

J for Jaggery Dates chutney

K for Kale grilled sandwich

L for Lemon cranberry mojito

M for Mango brown rice salad

N for Nutritious party crackers

O for Oats beetroot Dosa

P for Pineapple Pomegranate Parfait

Q for Quinoa veg salad

R for Red sauce pasta with spinach

S for Sprouts salad

T for Tomato soup 

U for Ultimate Utappam

V for Veg corn Cutlet

W for Wholewheat Banana bread

X for Xtra healthy palak paneer

Y for Yellow rice 

Z for Zucchini Asian style