It’s our third blog anniversary today. It feels just yesterday I registered the domain for my blog, wrote about my first blog anniversary and published a blog post about my second anniversary. It’s amazing how time flies.

And here we are 3 years and almost 600 posts later. It feels a bit surreal, to say the least. I would say that it has been a roller coaster ride with fewer bumps and more fun moments. After three years of blogging, it is completely different from what it was when I started. Learnt a lot along the way and now I (mostly) know what works and what doesn’t.

Third Blog Birthday

Achievements in the last 3 years –

  1. Featured in Indian top blogs for three consecutive years.
  2. Won best travel mom blog by Flip Key by Tripadvisor.
  3. Featured and interviewed by 12 different websites as a mom and lifestyle blogger.
  4. Worked with more than 100 brands in the last 3 years as a blogger and an influencer.
  5. Added a new category of education articles with mentors and started an online portal for it.
  6. Won many small awards along the way. For example – Most consistent blogger, blog star by blogchatter, etc.
  7. Successfully participated in A to Z blogging challenge for 3 years in a row and also completed it.
  8. Published three Ebooks on parenting, food, and travel and much more.

Something which was started as a lifestyle blog has turned into a brand, my own brand, and my identity. Here’s to 3 years of blogging! I want to thank each one of you.

Third Blog Anniversary

Thank you for being with me, commenting, sharing and liking my articles. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments, shares, and emails and thank you for reading. It would not have been possible without the support of my readers, blogging community and my family and friends.

A celebration is not a real celebration without a few references to the people who helped me on this wonderful journey. First of all, team Blogchatter who were the first ones to teach me about the value of blogging community. I am glad they were there when I started this journey. Also, a big thanks to all the blogger friends whom I met through blogging. It’s not easy to mention each one of you but there will be social media shout outs soon.

Three years ago today I started this new adventure and I had no idea that this virtual world would bring me so much joy, inspiration, and so many friends from around the world!

I met so many interesting people, so many friends from around the world through this blog. I am grateful for so many interesting things that happened in the last 3 years!

With every new post, I do hope to bring you something new, something that inspires you and helps you with any queries you have.

A big thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart!

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