A new baby brings a lot of happiness and excitement for parents who soon feel overwhelmed with everything new too. I have experienced the excitement and the nervousness for bringing our daughters home.

My elder one was born 3 weeks before the due date and we were not really prepared. I still remember the time when we got her home and we both had a lot of mixed feelings. Also, we were very thankful that my MIL was there with us as we were in the US at that time with absolutely no help.

And I still remember the time when we were bringing our younger one home after my delivery. Our elder one was very excited and she announced to everyone and showed off her baby sister to everyone. It’s not easy when you already have an elder one to take care of two at home. Elder one also needs A lot of love and care at this time.

I still remember those moments when their small smile, a small expression used to make me very proud just looking at them.

There are few things to be careful about before bringing the baby home-

  1. Before Leaving the hospital-

    Make sure you have a comfortable dress for your baby to take him home. If its winters and its cold,  make sure you carry few things like the caps, blankets and a full body dress for the baby. You should know who is going to be your baby’s pediatrician and a first appointment is taken before leaving the hospital.

  2. Home ready-

    Make sure that everything is all set at home too before you leave to go to the hospital. And please arrange everything few days in advance as it will be helpful in emergency cases. Many things like diapers, blankets, sheets, medicines, feeding pillow, baby towels, bottles and formula milk etc. are few essentials which will be needed immediately.

  3. Stay calm-

    All moms feel overwhelmed with this new phase of life.But its important to stay calm as it is just a phase. You should cherish every moment as they grow really fast. It is very important to share all your feelings with your husband and any concerns with your doctor.

  4. Doctor’s appointment-

    It is important to schedule a doctor’s appointment for your baby and yourself. In starting you need to go quite frequently for your baby for check-ups and vaccinations. And also do not forget your Ob/gyne appointment as your body needs all the care in the world too as pregnancy and delivery can change your body.

    2.    Visitors-

    Once you are home, everyone would want to visit and meet and bless the baby. And It is perfectly ok to say no if you are not feeling well. Or if you need some time to settle down first. Don’t get stressed out about cleaning the house.  Visits can be scheduled later to avoid people around the baby in initial days.

    Now you share with us your memories of bringing your newborn home.


  • Share with us memories of bringing your newborn home from the hospital.
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