Mackinac Island is a small island situated in the Michigan state of US. It is a perfect vacation spot to enjoy with family and friends. It is located on Lake Huron and attracts many tourists in summers. Mackinac Island has many options to explore like rent a bike and explore the place or go for horseback riding.

Another interesting thing about Mackinac Island is that it is completely car-free since 1898. Only bicycles and horses are allowed. Best time to go is in summers mostly between May and October.

My memories of island vacation at Mackinac Island –

We went to Mackinac Island in 2004 when my elder one was just 2 years old. We went with a group of friends and it was a fun trip which involved many fun activities. There were many options around the town and we rented bikes to go around the forest area and the bike was a tricycle which a family can ride together. It was a lot of fun and our toddler enjoyed the whole experience. My first parasailing experience was at Mackinac Island and I still remember how afraid I was but in the end, it was a fun experience.

My daughter loved the butterfly conservatory which is a beautiful small butterfly house with a lot of colourful flowers.  You get to see a lot of bright butterflies flying freely and they have a lot of species of bugs too.

As we were coming from Milwaukee, We took lake express ferry across Lake Michigan and as all our cars were ferried too, it was a fun experience.

About Mackinac Island –

To visit Mackinac Island, the ferry is a necessary means of transportation to and from the island. It is a small island with many fun activities and you can also enjoy pollution free zone amidst nature.

It is a very popular summer destination in summers especially for people from nearby states. If you walk around the island, you get to see so many beautiful things like colourful flowers, little trails, and water streams.

Carry your own bike or rent a bike to explore the place. It’s worth it!

You can do a lot of sports-related activities here and hiking is one of them. Horseback riding, water sports, biking, hiking and trying their famous fudge are all the fun activities you can do to explore the place.

We loved our Mackinac experience, especially the car-free zone which made it extra special. Sometimes being surrounded by nature is good. Have you heard of this island before?

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