In India, women are primarily thought of as being responsible for their family’s domestic duties as mothers and housewives. The function of modern women is no longer limited to the traditional role of staying at home and caring for family members. It has evolved and continues to evolve. Women entrepreneurs in India are making a difference.

With innovative and inspirational ideas women are stepping up to launch small and medium-sized businesses while also fulfilling their family responsibilities. Women’s entrepreneurship, to put it simply, is the process by which women arrange all of the factors of production, risk-taking, and employing people. Women’s entrepreneurship has never been defined in terms of gender, and as a result, it could be applied to women entrepreneurs without restriction.

Who are women entrepreneurs?

Women entrepreneurs are a group of women who start, organize, and run a business for the purpose of making money and creating more jobs. Women entrepreneurs, according to the Indian government, are businesses owned and operated by women. They have a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and provide at least 51% of the jobs generated by the business.

There are push and pull elements that encourage women to have an independent profession. These factors also help them to make a profit from their own expertise and hard work.  The driving force behind this is a desire to make independent decisions about their lives and careers. Women who have the burden of household tasks and domestic responsibilities yearn for independence and to make use of their leisure time or education. Women entrepreneurs pick a job as a challenge and a desire to try something new as a result of these characteristics.  Pull factors are the term for such a situation. While in push factors, women engage in financial growth owing to familial pressure.  In this case, the obligation is pushed upon them. This means earning a living for the family in the absence of any male family member or the death of the bread earner. 

Women’s violence has long been a source of worry, but the circumstances have shifted dramatically. Women entrepreneurs not only become self-sufficient but also uplifted and assisted other women in becoming self-sufficient.


According to online research conducted earlier this year for rankings on the best destinations for female entrepreneurs, India has risen in the ranks since 2013. In India’s female entrepreneurship ecosystem, statistics show that women are finding more opportunities to establish businesses (60 percent). Also, their abilities are being validated (52 percent) and they are not fearful of their firm failing (57 percent ).

Famous women entrepreneurs in India who made it big in spite of hurdles –

Here’s a list of some of Young India’s most successful female entrepreneurs. These women have created a name for themselves in the startup world: –

1- Aditi Gupta, Founder, Menstrupedia

2- Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO, Mydala. co

3- Ekta Kapoor Managing Director and Creative Director,  Balaji Telefilms,

4- Swati Parimal, Vice Chairperson of Piramal Life  Sciences Limited & Director of Piramal Healthcare Limited.

5- Radhika Roy, Chairperson, and Managing Director, NDTV

6- Suchi Mukherjee, Founder and CEO, LimeRoad.

7- Ajaita Shah, Founder, and CEO of Frontier Markets and many more. 

All successful Indian women entrepreneurs share a common trait: they have a clear vision and passion for their firm. They identify a market niche and devise a strategy for effectively filling it. They breathe life into their company by focusing on their mission. Also, introduce new products or services to the market. There are many factors that are helpful for the growth of women entrepreneurs in India. Of course, family support matters a lot but free web Information has proven to be a powerful and beneficial influence in their overall development.

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I am writing for the cause – Women empowerment for this quarter of Cause a chatter. I will be sharing stories of women who made it big in spite of hurdles in their life. This is my first post to better understand my theme.