In a shocking incident, a 10-month-old girl was allegedly beaten up and kicked at a creche in Navi Mumbai’s Kharghar by a caretaker, who along with the day care centre owner has been arrested, police said today. NDTV India.

Last Friday we all woke up to this news about a daycare assault in Mumbai. I watched that video clip and my heart went out to the baby and her parents. Now this raises many questions about the quality of child care in our country.

Few years ago, I took a decision of not leaving my kids with a nanny or in a daycare as I didn’t have any help at home. But I was able to do it as I have a very supportive husband and didn’t have to work out of economic necessity.

But sometimes the only option is to leave them in the daycare or with a nanny. While most daycares may paint a pretty picture, it is important to do some serious research. First of all make a list of all the points according to your needs-

  • How old is the child?
  • For how many hours and for how many days you need a child care?
  • Do you want it near your workplace?
  • Do you need food facility or not?

How to decide a good day care for your child?

  • Judge the atmosphere– When you enter a daycare, judge its surroundings if it’s inviting or its frantic. It should be a fun and comfortable place for your kid where they feel secure and happy. It should have that homely feeling attached to it and should be kept clean, childproofed, and should have good stock of toys and books.
  • Staff and caretakers– Do inquire about all the caretakers as they will be ultimately responsible to take care of your child. Ask for a list of all the members with their phone numbers. Don’t hesitate to ask if the same staff is going to consistently care for your child or it will keep on changing.
  • Food and drink- Check the kitchen and dining area too to see how and where the meals provided to kids are coming from. All meals and snacks should be wholesome, healthy and appropriate for the ages of the kids being served. All the instructions given by parents regarding meal schedules should be followed.
  • Surprise checks– If possible, try to visit the daycare at different times of the day to get a sense of how the staff interacts with the children and how is everything else taken care of. It is a better idea to drop in at different centers before enrolling to get an idea of different things. Once you are confident of one, go ahead and enroll your child.
  • Proper research- Try taking references from other parents as this can help you in deciding a good center. Also check online resources to find out more information.

Prompt for Week 3-

“10 months old baby thrashed by a caretaker in Navi Mumbai.”

Share your thoughts about this incident.

What do u think can be done to improve safety of daycares? or what do you think about day cares of today?


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