While selecting a creche, there are many vital factors that a parent must look at. It should not only take care of your child but also provide value for money. Parents with their first kid are usually unaware of many things. So here are the important aspects a parent must look out for while selecting the best suited creche for your child. If these facilities or amenities are present, you may know that it is the right place for your kid.


Good hygiene and proper washrooms

Any preschool must have an adequate number of washrooms so that children can easily use them without having to wait in a queue. These must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. It goes without saying that daily cleaning and disinfecting of everything including the toys, equipment and furniture etc. should be there.

Hygienic practices must be followed in every step of handling or interacting with the child.

Well-built infrastructure and furniture

You will find that the way a place is built can tell a lot about it. The infrastructure of a creche should be safe. Every nook and corner of it should be safe so that there are no chances of injury. It should be well furnished with furniture size well suitable for toddlers. The quality should be high, child-friendly and safe to use.

Teachers that help in the overall development of your child

A good teacher helps a child to be a person who would grow up to be a sensible and responsible citizen. Teacher shapes the child’s personality and hence it is important that the playschool teachers focus on your child’s development. Also, the other staff members should be conducive for interaction with children.


Many parents show major concern over this issue. Recently I came to know about a creche called Footprints which has live CCTVs installed in all common areas and classrooms. These can also be streamed through a mobile app. All these facilities assure that your child is secure and safe.

Also, the gates and closures should be in place along with watchmen guarding them.  They should keep a close watch as children tend to roam around and wander outside the playschool area. A best suited creche has all the safety measures in place.


Is the playschool providing your child with food that is wholesome and nutritious? Is junk food a major part of the menu? Do they follow a day-wise time-table? You must ask all these questions before enrolling your child. Creche like Footprints believe in 100% nutrition and provide only fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, pulses, and grains as a part of the meal. They avoid food items made of maida and biscuits, bread, toffees, added sugar, canned juices, chips, soft drinks, added color, and all other unhealthy food items.

Diaper changing units

The crèche should have facilities for changing diapers for toddlers below 2 years of age. There should be prefereably a seperate room for this. Its a big concern for parents and a good creche make sure that the nappies are changed timely and regularly.

Sleeping facility

Toddlers require sufficient sleep and rest for their proper growth and development. A crèche facility must include a sleeping room for when the child wants to sleep or rest.

First Aid and Sickness

Remedial measures like first aid kits must be in place in the preschool and provisions for sickness should be present. Its a big relief for parents to know that their child’s creche has a timely provision of medical aids.

These were a few pointers that should help you while deciding a best suited creche for your kid. May your child learn, grow and develop with the best people!

All the best for the journey ahead!